Vouchers Hurt Students and Our Communities

All Texas students deserve access to a quality education. Taking money from public schools to fund vouchers or other privatization not only hurts students and local communities, but it also creates an unnecessary entitlement program.

Did you know?

  • Studies show school vouchers, or education savings accounts, have no consistent, positive impact on student achievement. (Source: Raise Your Hand Texas)
  • Vouchers are sold as a way to help impoverished students, but in reality, they’re often used by higher-income families to attend private schools. (Source: Raise Your Hand Texas)
  • Special education students who take advantage of vouchers lose most of their protections under the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. (Source: The New York Times)
  • Public schools must follow strict accountability standards. Private schools do not have to meet the same standards. Public dollars should not go to private schools that are not held accountable.
  • “School choice” doesn’t really mean parents can send their child to any school, because private schools can pick and choose their students. Public schools welcome all children.
  • Vouchers take money away from already underfunded public schools, which educate 90 percent of Texas children. (Source: Raise Your Hand Texas)

Vouchers are a threat to already underfunded public schools, create inequity, and do not have oversight. Tell your legislators to oppose any privatization of public schools.