School Finance Reform Bill Passed by 86th Texas Legislature

During the most recent legislative session, a landmark school finance reform bill (HB 3) passed with broad bi-partisan support. Through increases in the basic allotment, school property tax reform, and other provisions, HB 3 reduces recapture by $3.6 billion, or 47 percent, over the biennium. The bill does include the use of current year values in school finance calculations. Legislative leaders said the $11.6 billion proposal would increase the state’s share of public education spending from 38 percent to 45 percent.

Here is how some of that money is parsed out:

$4.5 billion in education reforms

  • Basic allotment increased to more than $6,160
  • K-Grade 3 early education allotment for economically disadvantaged students and English language learners that can be used to fund full-day prekindergarten for eligible students
  • State compensatory education funding that provides additional resources to children living in more severe poverty
  • Increased funding for students with dyslexia, receiving special education services, and being served in residential treatment facilities
  • Outcomes-based funding program for high school students
  • Increased facilities funding
  • Updated transportation funding ($1/mile)
  • Professional development for early education teachers to get kids reading on grade level by third grade

$5 billion in property tax relief

  • Lowers property tax rates by an average of 8 cents in 2020 and 13 cents in 2021
  • 2.5 percent tax compression starting in 2021

$2 billion for educator compensation

  • 30 percent of the basic allotment increase must be used to increase compensation for teachers, librarians, counselors, and nurses (with no provisions for equal or across-the-board increases)
  • Recommendation to prioritize compensation for teachers with more than five years of experience
  • Funding for incentive pay programs
  • Funding for locally developed merit pay programs

Visit the Texas Plan website and read the one-pager provided by legislators.

Read more in The Texas Tribune.

In the interim

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